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Your lifelong journey with your pooch partner begins here

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Dogs are a lifetime commitment and we are  with you for the entire journey. From foundation programs for puppies to life skills for dogs all ages,  behaviour consults for any serious issues, self-study courses, pack walks, hikes, weight pulling,  fitness for you and your pooch, dog sports, trick, stunt and animal actor training, we have everything you need to build and maintain an amazing relationship with your canine companion.  Our Academy will inspire and empower you with a library of games and resources available to you 24/7/365.  As a licenced Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) Bodywork and Energywork practitioner, we can help with silent pain that an estimated 50% of pets suffer, particularly as they age. From puppyhood to senior years, we are here to help make every day enriching for both you and your canine companion. 

Your  lifelong journey with your pooch partner begins here!

Our  Services

Something for everyone

Life Skills Program

You want your puppy/dog to be a central part of your life, but they’re struggling.  This program is designed to bring relief to both you and your dog while having

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Private Training

Need help with a specific problem or prefer private over group training? No problem, as we are happy to offer private 1-on-1 training.

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Home Alone Program

Get your life back.  Free yourself and your dog from separation anxiety with our innovative Home Alone program offered by a certified SA Pro.

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Treat-Retreat Program

Feeling frustrated, embarrassed, disappointed, and maybe even angry due to your dog’s fear of people? As a certified Treat-Retreat program trainer, we can help.

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Canicross & Mushing

Canicross is a great year-round activity to keep you and your pooch healthy and enjoying the outdoors. Plus it is a great way to prepare for faster moving mushing sports.

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Scent Detection

Perfect activity for all dogs as they all have an incredible sense of smell. Our training covers everything you need to just enjoy searches at home or to pursue competing.

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Dynamic Dog Assessment

Our dogs suffer silently with pain and it can contribute to your dog’s behaviour.  A Dynamic Dog Assessment can help identify the potential source of pain to assist your veterinarian

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Intro to Weight Pulling

This one-hour session will introduce you and your pooch to the amazing sport of weight pulling. All equipment provided for this session and we have harnesses to accommodate dogs from

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Bodywork & Energywork

Pets hold physical and emotional stress in their bodies just as we do, but unlike us, they can’t tell anyone, and you may not even notice that they are suffering.

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Pooch Partners Academy

Dog training is a lifetime commitment and something that you don’t want to get stale and boring. Join our Academy to keep learning fun with new games, training programs and more!
We are proud to offer training and evaluation/judging for Do More With Your Dogs titles! This training is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your dog, build their confidence, and keep them mentally and physically challenged while having a lot of fun!

Our  Events

Join us for our annual events spring, summer and fall

Apple Blossom Hike

Exclusively for our clients, this free hike through Davison Orchards will take place on in spring 2024 – watch for details.

Doggie Duathlon

Join us on the second Sunday of August for our annual Doggie Duathlon  a fun, non-competitive fundraising event.

Pumpkin Patch Hike

Exclusively for our current and past clients, we offer this free autumn hike through Davison Orchards, ending with a tasty treat and coffee.

Happy Dog = Happy You

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Why Choose Us?

Pooch  Partners

Pooch Partners has always used positive training methods and we love games-based concept training! How does concept training work? It is really quite simple and a whole lot of fun. Using games and positive reinforcement we teach our dog concepts such as confidence, calmness, disengagement, focus and impulse control, which empowers them to respond appropriately to real life situations. Many of the games also provide your dog with fitness benefits too which is another bonus. Whether you are starting fresh with a new puppy or have a dog with some behaviour issues, concept training can turn any struggle you may be experiencing with your dog into a success!

We are also proud to continue to advance our skill set with new dog training methods including but not limited to family dog mediation and predation substitute training, which encourage guardians to understand their dogs as individuals, identify their innate instinctual needs and provide safe activities that allow them to be the dogs that they are meant to be.

Concept Training

Games, games and more games! We play games that teach our dogs the essential concepts like calmness, confidence, tolerance to frustration and impulse controlto enable them to make good decisions and live a happy life



Along with our years of experience, we believe in lifetime learning and it shows in our credentials which includes multiple dog training and specialty certifications



Pooch Partners was started to help reduce dog obesity and we continue on that mission through our various physical fitness activities for you and your dog.

Giving Back

Pooch Partners believes in giving back and to date has helped raise and donate over $15000 to various charities. You can help by participating in our annual Doggie Duathlon the second Sunday in August which is a fundraising event with all proceeds donated to charity.


Our  Team

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Owner & Trainer
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