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Your lifelong journey with your pooch partner begins here

From puppyhood to senior years...
A happy dog means a happy you and we can help make it happen.

You want that dog… the one who’s a huge part of your life, who’s well behaved, healthy and fit, and who is a true pooch partner for life! We want that for you, too!

Dogs are a lifetime commitment, and we are with you for the entire journey from basic life skills training,  solving behaviour issues, to maintaining the health, fitness and mental well-being of your dog.

We have everything you need to build and maintain an amazing relationship with your canine companion. 


You want your puppy/dog to be a central part of your life, but they’re struggling.  This program is designed to bring relief to both you and your dog.

Behaviour Modification

Unwanted dog behaviour has changed your life and you are always on edge.  With years of experience and specialized training, we can provide the support you need.

Health & Fitness

Juggling work and family obligations and feeling guilty choosing your workout over your dog’s daily exercise? Our group fitness classes will eliminate that guilt.  

Dog Sports

We offer a variety of activities year round that are sure to keep you and your pooch active, healthy & happy!


Join our Academy to keep learning fun with new games, training programs and more!

Do More With Your Dog

We offer training, evaluation and judging for Do More With Your Dogs titles.

Positive, patient & passionate

We are committed to inspiring and motivating our human and canine clients to achieve their goals in a safe, effective and fun manner and we strive to provide the highest quality of service possible. 

Through games-based concept training you will be inspired when you see the transformation in your dog, and empowered to keep on playing!



Apple Blossom Hike

Exclusively for our clients, this free hike through Davison Orchards will take place on in spring 2024 – watch for details.


Doggie Duathlon

Join us on the second Sunday of August for our annual Doggie Duathlon  a fun, non-competitive fundraising event.


Pumpkin Patch Hike

Exclusively for our current and past clients, we offer this free autumn hike through Davison Orchards, ending with a tasty treat and coffee.

From puppies to seniors, we’re with you for the entire journey

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What you need to know

Effective, ethical & fun training methods

Our training methods are scientifically proven, practical, and fun for you and your dog, plus they are highly effective at resolving behaviour problems without the risk of harmful side effects often caused by other methods.

Certified & experienced

In an unregulated industry, it can be difficult to know who to trust. We are proud of our education and as lifetime learners, regularly take courses and attend conferences on various dog related topics.

Giving Back

Pooch Partners believe in giving back to the community. Our annual Doggie Duathlon has allowed us to support many animal- related charities.

Our Mission

Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for you and your dog using effective, fun and ethical training methods, to the highest professional and quality standards possible.

Individual attention

All of our attention is on you in our private sessions, and when you enrol in a group service, we strive to give you and your dog our focus and attention by keeping our group class sizes small.

Relationships matters

Inspiring, empowering and transformation are all achieved through relationships that are built between us and you and you and your dog. We want you to succeed in reaching your dog training goals.

Our Credentials & Memberships