Behaviour Consultation & Modification

Up to 90-minute initial consultation via Zoom is required prior to commencing a behaviour modification training program.


If your dog is struggling, they are not alone.  Many dogs experience behavioural challenges due to their learning (L) history, environment (E), genetics (G) and how they are as an individual (S-Self).  No two dogs are the same so we always have to consider their L.E.G.S. when working to resolve a behaviour issue.


All initial behaviour consultations are conducted remotely via Zoom, during which we will gather information to help identify the root of the problem so that a recommendation on how to proceed with a behaviour modification program to help your dog overcome their struggles can be made.


Resolving undesired behaviours is not a quick and easy fix, so before registering please be sure that your expectations are realistic and you are ready to commit the time and energy to help your dog.


  • Up to 90-minute initial consultation via Zoom
  • A hidden link to a video recording of your session(s) will be provided after completion of each session.