Canicross & Mushing

Intro to Canicross teaches you and your dog all the basics needed for mushing sports.



Canicross is an incredible year-round sport that helps keep you and your pooch active and fit. Our introductory canicross training includes 2 in-person sessions. The first is approximately 30 minutes (on leash) and the second is approximately 60 minutes in canicross equipment.  You must have proper canicross equipment for the second session – more details will be provided in the confirmation email.


Canicross is also your dry land training to ensure you are both fit enough and trained in the necessary commands to enjoy other mushing sports. After completing this training program, it is all about getting out and practicing with your dog until you have developed a trusting work relationship with your dog and are confident they have learned all of the necessary cues, before you proceed to other mushing sports such as biking, scootering, skijoring, and sledding.


Upon completion of the training, you will be eligible to register for our early morning weekend hikes at various locations spring through fall which are advertised on the Pooch Partners Facebook page.


Please note that Pooch Partners does not believe it is safe to offer direct training on scootering, skijoring, bikejoring, or kick sledding as you have less control of your dog and they do not know any of the necessary cues, so canicross is our prerequisite before pursuing other mushing sports.



  • One 30-minute training session on flat collar and leash to introduce cues.
  • One 60-minute training session (must be taken within 2 weeks of the first session) to go out and about canicrossing with one or two Pooch Partners’ dogs.

Equipment Required


    • For the second training session participants must have properly fitted canicross equipment that includes:
    • A canicross belt to be worn around the participant’s hips (not waist)
    • A properly fitted technical dog harness (preferably a shorty style not a cross back)
    • A bungee and line

Pooch Partners no longer retails canicross equipment but there are many online options available.

Participants that do not have canicross equipment available for the scheduled second session will forfeit their session.

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