Dynamic Dog Assessment

Private sessions only – initial consult required


A speaker at the APBC Veterinary Conference in 2021 stated “It is almost impossible to diagnose pain by examination in the consultation room”. And did you know that pain can impact your dog’s behaviour significantly? A Dynamic Dog assessment includes a thorough interview and analysis of both static and dynamic images that you provide of your dog, to identify any abnormalities that may be the source of your dog’s pain. The results are documented for you to share with your veterinarian to assist them in providing the best care for your canine companion.


  • Initial 60-75 minute interview
  • Guide on how to take static and dynamic images
  • Analysis of static and dynamic images
  • Cover letter and final report for your veterinarian
  • 30 minute report review meeting


  • Camera to take static photos and video recordings of your dog
  • WhatsApp or Telegram app for communication