Private Training


We love private 1-to-1 training as it lets us customize the games that are best for your dog.  We offer single sessions to packaged programs such as our Life Skills course as private training so no matter what your training needs, we can address it through private training either at our outdoor location, your home (in Vernon, B.C.) or remotely via Zoom.

***If your dog has behavioural problems such as separation anxiety or aggression, please see Behaviour Consultation & Modification


  • For an individual private training session, a hidden link to a video recording of your session will be provided after completion of the session.
  • For private program training, a hidden link to a video recording of the session will be provided after each session, as well as access to our online course for the respective program.

How to Register

Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your training needs and we will then direct you on how to register.