Home Alone Program

1-hour remote consultation via Zoom is required prior to commencing SA training program.


If you are living with a dog with separation anxiety (SA) – a dog unable to be left alone – you are suffering too. Whether you’ve stopped doing things you enjoy, or are returning home to destruction and chaos, separation anxiety takes its toll.


Our Home Alone program will help your dog learn to enjoy being alone so you can enjoy your freedom – from stress-free errands to worry-free trips to work, to guilt-free evening out with friends.


We custom-tailor your SA training plan to fit your dog’s needs and your busy schedule, and unique to our program, as a licenced WEBB Energywork practitioner, we include Energywork sessions for your dog.


If you’re ready for relief for both you and your dog, schedule your initial consult today.


  • 1-hour recorded consultation via Zoom with an overview of our Home Alone program.

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