Treat-Retreat Program

5-week Program available for group or private training

Course Description

Having a dog that fears people is not easy, as your expected experiences with your canine companion aren’t what  you had hoped. The Treat-Retreat program is a specialized 4-step systematic approach only available from certified Treat-Retreat trainers to help shy, fearful dogs develop the skills needed to feel safer and more socially confident with people.  The process changes the dog’s emotional experience when approaching strangers and builds the dog’s confidence for dealing with multiple/groups of people, which in turn will support your dog-owner dream.

Course Includes

  • Weekly 1-hour in-person session over 5 consecutive weeks at our outdoor location
  • Online feedback to your questions and submitted training videos between sessions
  • Upon completion you and your pooch are invited to join us for any scheduled pack walks. Dates of walks and details on how to register will be provided on the Pooch Partners Facebook page.

Upcoming Group Classes

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