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Exercise is a critical component to your’s and your dog’s good health, both physically and mentally.  In addition to burning off calories to keep you and your pooch at a healthy weight, physical activity can help reduce anxiety and build confidence, while mental challenges help to keep boredom at bay. Pooch Partners offers a variety of activities year round that are sure to keep you and your pooch active, healthy and happy! Whether you are looking to get involved in our outdoor fitness classes, are interested in dog sports or need obedience training for your dog, we can help you!

Our  Services

Something for everyone

Life Skills Program

You want your puppy/dog to be a central part of your life, but they’re struggling.  This program is designed to bring relief to both you and your dog while having

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Private Training

Need help with a specific problem or prefer private over group training? No problem, as we are happy to offer private 1-on-1 training.

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Home Alone Program

Get your life back.  Free yourself and your dog from separation anxiety with our innovative Home Alone program offered by a certified SA Pro.

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Treat-Retreat Program

Feeling frustrated, embarrassed, disappointed, and maybe even angry due to your dog’s fear of people? As a certified Treat-Retreat program trainer, we can help.

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Canicross & Mushing

Canicross is a great year-round activity to keep you and your pooch healthy and enjoying the outdoors. Plus it is a great way to prepare for faster moving mushing sports.

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Scent Detection

Perfect activity for all dogs as they all have an incredible sense of smell. Our training covers everything you need to just enjoy searches at home or to pursue competing.

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Dynamic Dog Assessment

Our dogs suffer silently with pain and it can contribute to your dog’s behaviour.  A Dynamic Dog Assessment can help identify the potential source of pain to assist your veterinarian

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Intro to Weight Pulling

This one-hour session will introduce you and your pooch to the amazing sport of weight pulling. All equipment provided for this session and we have harnesses to accommodate dogs from

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Bodywork & Energywork

Pets hold physical and emotional stress in their bodies just as we do, but unlike us, they can’t tell anyone, and you may not even notice that they are suffering.

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We are proud to offer training and evaluation/judging for Do More With Your Dogs titles! This training is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your dog, build their confidence, and keep them mentally and physically challenged while having a lot of fun!

Useful Information

Harness your dog's power safely

Dog powered sports are exhilarating activities that requires a strong relationship between you and your dog, as well as an adequate fitness level, training and proper equipment. Our canicross training provides the skills needed to transition to other faster paced sports such as bikejoring, skijoring and kicksledding and also helps to build your’s and your dog’s fitness level. We do not recommend doing these sports without adequate training and proper equipment as it increases the risk to not just you and your dog but to others you may encounter during your activities.

Critical life skills

Having a well behaved dog takes work and lots of practice. It requires more than just attending five training sessions – it is a lifetime commitment. Pooch Partners believes that a loose leash walk and a reliable recall are critical to having a happier lifelong relationship with your dog so in addition to our life skills and positive puppy classes we have also developed virtual training sessions on specific concepts to help with recalls, loose lead walking, and more.

Happy dog = happy you!  We can help make it happen!