Sidewalk Struggles

You envisioned calm, fun-filled walks with your dog, but instead it is more of an embarassing, frustrating, and anxiety filled chore.


From the moment you pick up the leash, the dread creeps in and before you’ve even started you are already wishing you hadn’t gone.


We understand the impact on both you and your dog when leash walks are a daily struggle, but don’t worry as this program can help transform your sidewalk struggles into your dream walk.

What this program can help with

Relationship building

We know you want a great relationship with your dog so we incorporate games that build focus and attention, grows confidence in shy dogs, nurtures a mutually rewarding relationship of trust and respect and opens up the lines of communication to forge a greater bond with your dog.


Management & Prevention

This program includes games to teach you techniques to confidently manage situations to both prevent and recover from outbursts to put you and your dog on your way to enjoyable outings.


Understanding Emotions

We will help you to understand the emotions behind your dog’s behaviour and use games to transform how your dog feels about and responds to triggers, and how you feel and respond to your dog.


Group Class Program

  • Group Class Program
    Looking for some basic training to make life with your pup/dog easier? Our group life skills program includes games to teach key concepts to get any dog on the right track.



  • One-hour group class sessions held at an outdoor location or remotely via Zoom over 5 consecutive weeks
  • Small group classes to ensure you get individual attention
  • Hands-on training demonstrated by your trainer
  • Group Q&A at each session
  • Feedback of one training video (maximum 3 minutes in length) each week
  • 3-months access to a private Facebook group with a library of games and video recordings from the group sessions
  • 50% off annual subscription to the Pooch Partners Academy
  • Exclusive invitations to join pack walks and hikes
  • FREE Bodywork assessment
  • FREE gait analysis

Wed @6:00 pm 

June xx – July xx

Wed @6:00 pm 

June xx – July xx

Wed @6:00 pm 

June xx – July xx

Wed @6:00 pm 

June xx – July xx


Private Program

Private Program

Want to address specific problems and/or need more flexibility for scheduling sessions? Our Private Life Skills program provides a personalized program for your dog and re-scheduling options to accommodate any schedule*. 



  • One-hour private sessions held at either an outdoor location, your home, or remotely over 5 consecutive weeks with re-scheduling opportunities available
  • Customized training plan developed for your dog and their unique needs
  • Hands-on training demonstrated by your trainer
  • Unlimited individualized coaching during sessions
  • Time for Q&A at each session
  • Unlimited feedback of training videos during the program
  • 6-month access to a private Facebook group with a library of games and video recordings from each session
  • 50% off annual subscription to the Pooch Partners Academy
  • Exclusive invitations to join pack walks and hikes
  • FREE Bodywork assessment
  • FREE gait analysis


What our clients are saying

Got questions? We have answers

Games based concept training involves playing games with your dog that teaches them different concepts. For example, to teach a recall we would play games that build up our dogs ability to disengage from what they are doing (disengagement), turn towards us (orientation), and then come in close proximity (proximity) to us.  As we play the games, our dog learns these concepts and patterned behaviours and we are then able to put it all together with a recall cue. Playing the games increases the “feel good” hormones which leads to increased motivation and engagement to play the games.

If you miss a group session, there is no make-up session. You will have access to the video recording of the missed session that you can review to ensure you are ready for the next session.

A typical session involves 5-10 minutes to review the prior session and get updates on each student’s progress, 10-15 minutes to introduce/demo new content, 20-25 minutes of practical exercises, and 5-10 minutes for questions/review homework.

A typical private session is similar to the group session, except that it is customizable.  This means that there is opportunity to address any issues that may arise beyond the typical group session content, and if preferred by the guardian, to spend time working on a specific skill or issue.

If you are unsure of what package is best suited for you, we would be happy to do a short consult to help you decide. You can request a consult using the Contact us form.

We do not offer any guarantee as the success of the training is highly dependent on your commitment, participation, and daily practice.  From my experience, a dog’s progress, or lack thereof, is usually an indication of the amount of effort and consistency put into the training by the guardian. 

Inconsistency in training will definitely impact your dog’s success. It is critical to have all people in the household on the same page to give your dog the best learning experience.

We are proud to have a unique and extensive list of qualifications that you can review on the About Us page.

You will be advised what to bring to each session, but typically for the first session you will need:

    • your dog on a flat collar/martingale/Y-harness and leash.
    • a long line 
    • your dog’s bed or a blanket/large towel
    • your dog’s daily food allowance (typically a mix of regular food with whatever treats you may use)
    • poop bags
    • water – dependent on the time of year

When you register for a training package and complete the online payment process, you will see a “Schedule” link.  This is not used for scheduling but rather to collect dog specific information from you.  Click on the “Schedule” link, select any day and time and complete the form.  If you have booked a private training package, once the form is received you will be contacted to arrange a start day/time.  You will be asked to Like and Follow the Pooch Partners Facebook page and will also be provided with a link to request access to a private Facebook group.

Still have a question? Contact us here!

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